How to get to Marrakech by bus – Bus Marrakech – Arrive Marrakech by Bus If you are arriving by plane you can take a bus to the centre of Marrakech. It costs about 20 Dirhams (2 euros) and departs every hour from the airport, since 6:30 am until 11:30 pm. The ticket is sold directly by the bus driver. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the city centre (near Koutoubia and Djemaa El-Fna).

Bus Companies

There are three recommended bus companies CTM, Pullman du sud and Supratours that have very good standards, are fast and reliable.
If you are at Ouarzazate and want to go to Marrakech by bus you will pay about 80 Dirhams. It is a four-hour journey through the Atlas Moutains.

There are private bus companies that can take you from other Moroccan cities to Marrakech. For instance, if you are at Casablanca you can go by bus to Marrakech. On the buses you will also pay extra money for each piece of heavy baggage.

From Spain via Ferry

If you are coming from Spain, you have to cross over the Mediterranean Sea by ferryboat.
If you’re going on foot and by public transport you should go to Tangier. Usually all the passport formalities will be done inside the ferry boat and then you can head to Marrakech by bus.

Another well-known Spanish connection is Almeria. The ferry departs to Nador and there you can find buses to the major Moroccan cities.
But, there are other Spanish cities that provide buses to Marrakech, or guarantee to have one bus once you cross the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry to Tangier, for instance.