How to get from Marrakech Marrakech Airport to the Old City

Getting from Marrakech Airport to the Old City is very simple. Either you take a taxi or the public transportation bus system. Marrakech airport is only 2 miles (3 km) from the old city, or as it is called, the Medina.


As you arrive at the airport you can go by taxi to the old city. Before you get in the taxi you have to set the fare with the driver. You can pay up to 15 euros.

Marrakech Airport Taxi is more expensive than average so expect to pay from 100 to 200 dirhams per taxi. Price depends on your ability of bargaining the price with the taxi driver.


The bus right in front of the arrivals gate takes around 40 minutes to get near Jemaa el Fna square and costs not more that 40 dirhams two ways.

There is also a bus that leaves every hour from the airport to the old city. It takes a half an hour to get to the city and the ticket price is about 2 euros. It will leave you in front of the Koutoubia, very near the Djemaa em Fna Square.

Marrakech Airport

Since 2008 that Marrakech Airport receives dozens of daily flights and more than 3 million people every year, coming from different countries. The low cost companies helped to increase the numbers of people that visit Marrakech.