We’ve already talked about the favourite Moroccan soup Harira, how to have a Romantic Dinner in Marrakech and Moroccan Food Workshops, so now we are going to talk about the Moroccan Gastronomy.

Moroccan Gastronomy – Eat well in Marrakesh

Once you are at Morocco you have to try its unique gastronomy. The most famous Moroccan dishes are the Pastilla, the Couscous or the Tanjia with their several variants. You have to taste the traditional Marrakchia Harira, and then you have a lot of couscous in the major main courses. The Harira is a soup with lentils and vegetables, and with lamb. It is specially known for breaking the fast, during Ramadan.

The chicken with vegetable couscous or with almonds is another well-known plate. Marrakchia tanjia and M’charmel Fish Tajine and the Makfoul Lamb Tajine are only a few examples. For dessert you can try dry fruit couscous, milk and almond pastille e citrus fruit salad with orange tree blossom.
And you can drink the mint tea at any time. There is a row of tea sellers in the Djemaa El-FnaSquare.

In Marrakech, despite having many modern restaurants, you can also try the traditional cuisine in the open air stalls of Djemaa El-Fna square. They are licensed and it is safe to eat there. They also have the prices tagged in the menus, drinks are usually not included, so you can have a clue of how much you are going to pay, a well needed break from all the bargain done during shopping.