The Souks of Marrakech – Shopping in Marrakech – Explore the Markets of Marrakech

Inside the Medina of Marrakech there are thousands of souks that sell almost everything. If you are visiting the city before Christmas, you can bring some unusual gifts from Marrakech, but always remember that you have to bargain everything.In the souks you will find people selling food, spices, shoes, scarves, handbags, lanterns, accessories and much more. Near the Djemaa El-Fna there are a lot of streets – labyrinths of bazaars – that go through the interior of the souks. Try not to go too far or at least remember where you came from, because it is very easy to get lost there.

If you’re a leather fan you will find a lot of bags, for every preference, large or small. Some of the beautiful and colourful bags are made with cactus silk, produced in Morocco and they are often expensive. But check out if it is really cactus silk, because sometimes you can be buying a fake.
Always remember you have to bargain, if you want good prices. They always ask for a high price.

The Argan oil that is produced only in Morocco is one of the products that you can buy in Marrakech. It is used in massages and beauty treatments.