South Morocco and the Great Sahara Desert – Travel south Morocco

Marrakech is only one of the many beautiful Moroccan cities. If you go to explore the Southern Morocco you will find places like Ouarzazate. The city is known as the film capital of Morocco and considered the capital of the south of Morocco. There are villages to see, oases and the Ksar of Ait Benhaddou that is since 1987 World Heritage of UNESCO. In Ouarzazate you can also visit the city centre, the Cinema Museum and other museums, Kasbahs, the film studios, the markets and old neighbourhoods.

Ouarzazate is considered to be the gate to the Sahara desert. It is located at the south of the Atlas Hill. From here you can go on a journey to the desert and stay over for one or more nights. The name Ouarzazate comes from a Berber phrase that means “without noise” or “without confusion”.
On the south Morocco, the lands of Sahara desert begin. The place where time stands still, or at least it seems so. Nothing matters in the desert. There is only quietness and a great experience. If you go on a tour you can learn about the camel routes between Marrakech and the large capitals of the commerce in the Sahara.

You can take three days to have a Sahara Desert trip on 4×4 or minibus. In this journey, you will discover the Atlas Mountains, oases and lush palms, historical Kasbahs, Berber villages and sandy dunes of the desert.